Environmental Problems And Its Effects: Environmental Issues And Its Effects

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Environmental issues and its effect
The search for a perfect world is hard to come by. Sad that in our city and whole universe problems doesn’t seem to cease. Sure, death is a natural thing that happens but it is sad when society has a role on how we die. We as humans build ourselves from ground up so it is not hard to adapt new changes to make the world a better and healthier place. We have the power to make a difference, to advocate about the environment and make a change, even if we die trying. When we think about environmental issues we think about the forest dying or being torn down. We just think about water that is becoming toxic but the ugly truth that isn’t spoken about this is the death that fallows. Death to all humans and
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The truth is America also has environmental problems reaching urban communities; mostly colored or in poor communities. It is sad because our generation in reality doesn’t care about the environment, they care about how are they going to feed their family, how are they getting to work and how to stay sane in a world where color defames the opportunity to be “someone”. Air pollution sated in the “the grio” says, “African Americans live in counties that violate air pollution standards, compared to 58% of the white population…”. The way of how one community has more money reinsures a healthier and stress free life. Minorities have a higher probability in having eye troubles and also respiratory problems such as asthma and SIDS. One forgets the effect on our health and the role jobs have in killing individuals and earth. Industrial and waste dumping power plants radiate toxics in the air or soil. The companies don’t care who they are hurting as long as they have labor and money. Sometimes doing things illegally, placing pipelines that spill oil and other toxic substances or take the only thing that community has, water. Many problems such as mercury exposure, water safety, shortage of food and heat make America a target for environmental issues. The fast life in America ruins people, so sometimes taking charge in your community gives life a different meaning. Opening a garden, a recycling center or even planting trees can open the souls of many and give life back to others. Like I stated before change can be small yet it will make a difference to others and the

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