Environmental Problems In The Marine Environment

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Environmental issues are any issues created by humans which cause harm to the environment in particular the on fire of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) and large-scale deforestation, which cause emissions to the atmosphere of large amounts of 'greenhouse gases ', of which the most important is carbon dioxide.

But in last few decades a new environmental issues have rose very rapidly that is formation of marine trash islands that are formed when dumped trashes in the sea are carried to a number of regions where the currents meet and Island of trash is formed. Plastic debris in the marine environment have been widely documented, but the quantity of garbage mainly plastic entering the ocean from waste generated on land was never well documented. As the number of waste present in the oceans corresponds with the increase in the increase of population, the issue of the trash islands in the oceans like Pacific and Atlantic is becoming increasingly severe.

By linking worldwide data on solid waste, population density it was found that

• More than 350 million tons of plastic produced globally every year
• More than 13 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans every year
• More than 80% of plastic dumping is from just 20 countries.
• China is the most egregious offender, discarding nearly 30 percent of the world’s ocean-bound plastics followed by Indonesia.
• 8 of 10 top offending countries are from Asia.
• The amount of plastic trash in the oceans has

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