Environmental Protection: More Important Than Development

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FINAL ESSAY ASSIGNMENT-ANNA -STUDENT NUMBER: 41609131 Question: Is protecting the environment more important than development Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the common profit of the natural environment and human beings. The conditions that the modernization drive of China has been proceeded are as follows: The country has low per-capita average of natural resources due to the large population base it has, and its economic development as well as scientific and technological level are still badly backward. Ever since the reform and opening has been implanted in 1978, the pressure on resources, which were already in rather short supply, and…show more content…
In conclusion, this essay set out to explore whether protecting the environment is more important than development in China and to argue that it is. The preceding paragraphs explored evidence and statistics from China, related to the following three aspects of the question. First of all, environmental problems caused by development in China are already at a critical level and they are getting worse. Secondly, the pollution caused by the development have already did great damage to people 's health and even led to the lower life expectancy which completely run counter to the ultimate purpose of development. Finally, in China, the awareness of the sustainable development and environmental protection is continuously strengthened. The three reasons put forward above prove that it 's more important to implement the protection of the environment when compared with development. There is nowhere for us to go when the environment is destroyed for the variety of reasons given to development. If we seriously damage the environment, it will not matter whether the economy is developed, there 's no denying the fact that people will be punished by the nature. The evidence presented in this essay therefore demonstrates that protecting the environment is more important than development and people must pay
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