Environmental Racism In America

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Environmental racism Have you ever heard of or considered the concept of environmental racism and what role it plays in the lives of Afro Americans? Well many colored families live in a ring of oil refineries because they have no choice based on their income. Many people such as Henry Clark, who would cover his nose run in his house because of refineries would burn off excess gases sending energy waves and black smoke in the air. This might describe as environmental racism, which is placement of low income or minority communities near pollution sources in hazard environment which can be displayed by the fact that it is detrimental to health, have an impact by income and proximity to pollution.

First all, environmental racism is hazardous to health. For example, according to the California department of public health statistic “Residents of all ages in Richmond are 1.5 times more likely than most of the rest of the country to go to the hospital emergency departments for asthma attacks” (kay and Katz 2012), this delineate the impact the oil refineries was having on individuals that lived in the vacuity of its toxic air
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In recent years more poor, minority communities have been contending that their rights are being violated in disputes over where a plant or waste treatment facility will be built. Such environmental racism lawsuits rarely succeed. But now a federal appeals court in Philadelphia has upheld a group of citizens ' right to go as high as the federal bench to raise the issue. Other solution to this cause is to pass an act regarding its interest in environmental equity and by having EPA officials markedly it clear to oil refinery companies and command greater attention to their surroundings. Having greater regard for the environment will decrease the health concerns for the minority colored

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