Environmental Racism In The United States

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Environmental racismn is something that all minorities struggle with.Some people have gone to jail over this issue.The environment people live could be unfair. “The oppression,the bigotry,and the fuckery of that argument is that it allows rich countries to continue perputrating unrealistic demands on the world poorest”.Rich countries are allowed to do whatever they want.Richmond bissot polunter released 56k part of chemicals.The people of richmond,parhilium.African Americans are at significantly higher of dying from heart disease to go to hospitals for asthma than other counting residents. “Across the United States ,poor and minority neighborhoods bear unequal burden from hazardous facilities and waste sites.poor neighborhoods are treated…show more content…
“In 1992… the country said race had nothing to do with picking that spot.”. Despite the civil rights up often,the issue of the environmental racism has popped up often,including the 1990s and the present.”Bangladesh has invested 110billion of its own money to adapt to extreme climatic events.”They’re using money to help with the climatic events.”1952,no Africans had lived in richmond permanent low-rent housing.There was nothing in rentals or sales available to blacks in the central city.” all in all environmental racism and population change can affect people and they”re environment.Environmental
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