Environmental Racism Vs Environmental Justice

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In the early 1960’s, the original state of the American environmental justice movement can be traced back to the emergence of the American Civil Rights movement. Prior to the concerned environmentalism with humanity’s adverse impact upon the environment, but there are arguments that are primarily concerned with the impact of an unhealthy environment that forcefully pushes upon a collective body of life, entailing both human and non-human existence, including in some instances plant life.

I found the Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice more interestingly and I chose to write about that.
According to the Environmental justice advocates, they argued that an intimate relationship exists between the trilogy of environmental racism,
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On the other hand, environmental justice advocates are more focused on "social ecology" or "human welfare ecology." This has to do with the impact of institutional systemic flaws, which are the natural result of a progression of historical events resulting in decisions, which establish unjust living conditions upon one group of people due to a lack of organization, power and prominence. For example, the two groups are alleged to have laid down in front of trucks transferring large amounts of PCB-contaminated soil into the largely African American populated area of Warren County. Though there was protest but it was and was unsuccessful. In 1971, the President’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) acknowledged racial discrimination which adversely affected urban poor and the quality of their environment. In 1987, the United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice issued the “Toxic Waste and Race in the United States.”
In accordance to the 1991 meeting at the First National People of Color Leadership Summit meeting in Washington D.C. they all came into agreement by setting a standard principles that governs and protect those who are the victims of environmental injustice that.
i. Environmental justice demands that public policy be based
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One of these policies requires that "any major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment" require evaluation and public disclosure of potential environmental impact through the required Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Due to the bill signed and passed into law by NEPA on January 1, 1970. The Act establishes national environmental policy and goals for the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the environment and it provides a process for implementing these goals within the federal agencies. I therefore believe that can be resolved in due
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