Environmental Science Assignment On Environmental Environment

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE ASSIGNMENT ABOUT Global warming refer to change surface temperature which further lead to change in climate there are certainly different reason for the change in climate among which the major reason is pollution, pollution refer to the substances present in the environment which has harmful effects. The major cause of pollution is we human as even stated in fifth assessment report that “it is the human who have dominated the cause of global warming”. The largest human influence in the climatic change is the greenhouse gas such as methane, nitro oxide and carbon dioxide and another major reason is deforestation where we human are cutting massive number of trees as due to rise in population and other factor, so if the trees are being cutted down the source of human existence that is oxygen will be emitted from this world and thus further lead to rise in surface temperature. This is the major reason reason that why the glaciers are melting not because of the cyclic movement or the formation cycle of the glacier. The further effect of global warming are rise in sea level, disruption of the habitat such as extension of the animal species.allergies,infection and asthma come out to be the common diseases a due to the air pollution GLOBAL WARMING IMPACT ON DEVELOPING NATION There were certain great impact of global warming on developing nation economic as well as non-economic sector as it is true that major reason for the global warming is caused by

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