Environmental Science Case Study

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Testing Your Comprehension

3. What is environmental science? Name several disciplines that environmental science draws upon A. Environmental science is the study of how the earth’s natural systems operate. This study also outlines how humans affect these systems and how these affect humans. Environmental science can be broken down into many categories. Atmospheric science, ecology and chemistry all are concepts of environmental science. Other studies of the environment include geology, archaeology, geography and oceanography. History, engineering, economics, anthropology and ethics approach environmental science from the human perspective.
5. Describe the scientific method. What is the typical sequence of steps? What needs to
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When it comes to my ethical perspective I would say that try to do my part in preserving the earth’s resources. I do not feel that I fit into any particular category discussed in this chapter. I think that my culture has influenced my worldview by investing in other means to generate energy. Through research we have been able to alter the about of fuel needed for travel on a daily basis. Personally I make a difference by recycling as much as I can. The environmental problem that I feel acutely about would be the climate change. Over the past few years climate change has been the cause of natural…show more content…
What substances are produced by photosynthesis? By cellular respiration? A. Photosynthesis uses inputs of water and carbon dioxide into products of sugar and molecular oxygen. Cellular respiration is the reverse reaction of photosynthesis and uses inputs of sugars and molecular oxygen to create products of carbon dioxide, water, and energy.

6. Describe the typical movement of energy through an ecosystem. Describe the typical movement of matter through the ecosystem. A. Energy moves through the ecosystem in one direction. Energy generally begins as radiation from the sun and moves through plants. Plants are then consumed by decomposers or bacteria. Energy is released back into the atmosphere as heat, water flow, or waste. Matter, in contrast is recycled within ecosystems. Matter begins at several levels and then is moved throughout the food web. Matter can begin at the producer level, eaten by consumers, decomposed by bacteria, and then decayed into the environment.
8. What role does each of the following play in the carbon cycle?
• Cars give off large amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as a result of burning fuel. Plants use the carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to produce carbohydrates which is necessary for

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