Environmental Science Personal Statement Sample

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As a child, I remember being thrilled when my father would announce that he was taking me camping in the mountains. With no distractions in sight, I remember the smell of the towering pine trees, the crisp air, and the sound of the water rushing over the riverbed. As I grew older, I soon realized that I could combine my appreciation for nature with the problem-solving field of science. Once I took steps to explore the subject firsthand, I was able to see myself studying environmental science for the long-run.

Studying environmental science fosters a sense of respect for the natural world and promotes sustainable development. It has led me to gain awareness of my environmental footprint and work toward improvement. I have come across the many disciplines integrated in environmental science in practically every class I have taken at UCSB. For instance, in oceanography we discussed oil spills and overfishing. In human geography, we analyzed human interaction with natural landscapes. In my chemistry laboratory, we performed experiments to examine toxicological impacts on the environment. I believe the classes and opportunities offered in this program will satisfy my thirst for knowledge and
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Program is an enriching opportunity with features that would benefit me as a student with a passion for research. I am interested in networking with new faculty members in scientific seminars and meetings, advancing my laboratory skills, and improving my public speaking ability for the program’s closing presentation. Participating in EUREKA! will further assist me in developing scientific, communicative, and collaborative skills that I will utilize in the classroom and for the rest of my career. I am confident that my experience and knowledge along with my drive and enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate for the EUREKA! program. I am greatly enthusiastic about exploring the many elements of science and forming relationships with those who wish to do the
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