Feasibility Study Of Hotels Essay

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The Problem and Its Background
The hospitality industry is now growing so fast. It is composed of various organizations including hotels, resorts, food service, restaurants, fast food, bars, coffee shops and clubs.
Hotels are regarded as the leader of all hospitality industry lodging establishments. Hotel is a place that has rooms in which people can stay especially when they are travelling: a place that provides food, lodging, and other services for paying guests, (Merriam-Webster). A major product of the hotels are their rooms which is a part of the rooms division together with front office department. Unique operation of these hotels ranges from eight (8) hours up to twenty four (24) hours a day which enables them to maximize their operation time.
With this distinctive operation of the hospitality sector, it is considered as a high energy
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As the research discuss about the green initiatives of the hotel, this study will help the environmentalists encourage the implementation of green practices in hotels.
After the completion of the study, it will contribute to the researches of the Graduate School of Centro Escolar University and can be a future reference for the further studies.
Scope and Delimitation
This study is descriptive and focused on the assessment of best green practices of selected hotels in Metro Manila. The research participants will be limited to the five (5) hotels in Metro Manila situated at the Bayside. This research will use purposive sampling that is intended to get what is needed to measure for the purpose of the study.
The research will focus on the Rooms Division which is divided into two (2) departments which are Front Office and Housekeeping department. The research data will be collected by means of questionnaire, interview and actual observation of the operations in the hotels.

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