Role Of Environmentalism In Business

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Environmentalism in Business: Environmental ethics, sustainability, social responsibility and companies’ reputation In this age, increase in human population with industrial grow has damaged to natural environment. Because of deterioration in the natural environment caused climate changes. This changes are current issue for all states and communities. United Nations published Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report 200514. Obviously it doesn’t seem well. There are some changes as climate changes, holes in the ozone layers, decreasing natural resources. Global warming is essential issue for all living creatures. Carbon dioxide was overloaded and this caused to global warming. Global warming has been changing climate. These…show more content…
So, they should make definition of right thing. They have to ask yourself these questions: What decisions are ethical? What actions are environmentally sustainable? What behavior is socially responsible? Because these questions' answer affect all of us10.If the answer is suitable to the environmental ethics, these companies should take some responsibilities about environment. They should produce a new projects about sustainability. If natural resources are sustainable, this provides more greening. And, they also increase their advertisement about sustainability. Because this is a very essential topic in the environmentalism. In the end, if the companies follow this process, even they don’t want to aim this goal, they will get a good reputation in the market. Because consumers like environmentalist characteristics. All these activities are like an advertisement for companies. There is a quote ‘There’s no such thing as bad advertising.’ Maybe this is not a main goal for managers but it is fact of the human nature. Ever since Rachel Carson's groundbreaking Silent Spring was published in 1962, environmentalists have been trying to save the planet. Even there are some developments but it was failed anyway. The planet is worse than before 50 years. Experiences show that environmental initiatives were failed except economical profit. But, if goals are evaluated as business strategy- increasing profit and decreasing cost- significant environmental benefits are produced. Adam Werbach who is president of the Sierra Club said that traditional environmentalism is dead and old-fashioned. He thinks that asking this question is ridiciluos: 'How do we save the environment?'. Instead of old-fashioned question, it can be asked: ‘How do we save business?’. This question worked and environmentalists worked with businesses to prove green has incredible benefits. This is a turning point between two sides:
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