Environmentalism In Kurdistan

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Environmentalism in Kurdistan This essay will examine three different positions related to environmentalism in Kurdistan. Environmentalism is a modern phenomenon explicitly, but it has also been a theme, implicitly, in the ancient times, as could be argued if considering the Epic of Gilgamesh. The paradigm or notion of environmentalism is very recent in the Kurdish society. Of course, it had different meanings and connotations for different members of the society. The ordinary possess a different image of the environment and environmentalism as opposed to the intellectuals. There is a position, what I would call the “progressives”, who consider the environment and environmentalism of minor importance in contrast to economic growth and independence.…show more content…
Global Warming, irrespective of the nationality of the environmentalist group, is one of the main concerns. Global Warming, besides being in itself problematic, has had numerous repercussions, and more consequences are looming on the horizon. These problems are examined and looked at. In Kurdistan’s case, Global Warming is sorely a theme in the policy, but the main concern for the organizations and the other groups is the nature of Kurdistan. They call Kurdistan the heaven on earth, so they would not want their heaven lose its most distinguishing…show more content…
Eventually, they started their campaign, which raised awareness. Moreover, because of the oil and gas business, particular pieces of land were contaminated, especially in the case of gas. Additionally, tourism in Kurdistan started growing, and since it increased the budged and the standards of living, the people were worried that the tourist movement would be diminished if the environment was not kept safe. Newroz, a national holiday, entails making fires. Many people used tires. Thousands of tires were set on fire, and that hurt the environment. Hawler, the capital, has a halo of ashes, gas and other fuggy material around it if looked at outside the city. The waters of Kurdistan were also contaminated, as in the case of the Sirwan River, whose water is used for drinking, which eventually led to an uproar. There have been kidney problems, which led to the belief that the environment must be kept clean. These are some of the reasons why the movement has been recognized. Its meaning is also

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