Environmentalism In Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Environmentalism in Kurdistan This essay will examine three different positions related to environmentalism in Kurdistan. Environmentalism is a modern phenomenon explicitly, but it has also been a theme, implicitly, in the ancient times, as could be argued if considering the Epic of Gilgamesh. The paradigm or notion of environmentalism is very recent in the Kurdish society. Of course, it had different meanings and connotations for different members of the society. The ordinary possess a different image of the environment and environmentalism as opposed to the intellectuals. There is a position, what I would call the “progressives”, who consider the environment and environmentalism of minor importance in contrast to economic growth and independence. Although they do not explicitly marginalize the environment, they do prioritize the economic growth. The second position is that of the radical environmentalists, such as PKK and non-governmental organization. These groups build their entire ideology, policy and being on the environment. They are also environmental determinists. The third position is the writer’s, which is a balanced position as will be illustrated. First Body Paragraph: Since the terms environmentalism and environmental determinism occur regularly in the essay, they will have to be defined. Environmentalism is a word derived from environment, and refers to those groups that promote the environment and who try to save it. A more sophisticated definition will be

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