Envy's Story Essay: Working At The Brain

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It started off as a typical day for Envy, she woke up and immediately started to wish for a better bed and began to be jealous about the others who got to sleep in, instead of going to work at The Brain. She gets up to make her breakfast, but in the process she remembered seeing a reality show, yesterday, and saw that the family had their own chef to make them breakfast. She becomes furious that she has to make her own breakfast, she suddenly stops walking to her kitchen, decides to skip breakfast today and goes back to her bedroom to begin to get ready for work. While getting ready for work she had to suck in her belly to fit into her clothes. After doing so, she looked in the mirror and wished she had a better figure, better clothes, and a better fashion sense. She goes down to her garage and begins to make her way to her job at The Brain. On her way to The Brain she saw cars on the road that she liked better than her own, she became jealous and wished she had chosen a different type of car rather than the one she currently has. She finally arrives at her workplace and as soon she enters through the main she is immediately greeted by Happiness, “Hey Envy, good morning!” “Hi, Happiness, good morning,” Envy replies. “Well, if you don’t mind I better…show more content…
She grabs the chicken breast out of the fridge and put the potatoes to boil. As she is making dinner she turns on her television and it is coincidentally, the reality show, that she remembered about earlier, was on. She went back to her kitchen and finished up cooking and she brought the food to eat and watch television at the same time. On the reality show, one of the family members were on a date with another person, and at that moment Envy realized how lonely she was, and out of frustration, she turned off her TV and finished her dinner without entertainment. After she finished she took a shower, brushed her teeth, and went straight to

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