Enzo Cucchi: A Artist, Sculptor And A Artist

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1. - Biography of Enzo Cucchi Enzo Cucchi was a painter, sculptor and a designer. He was born at 14 of November of 1949 in Morro d’ Alba An agricultural village in the province of Ancona. He lived with his uncles. During the decade of the 80’s the movement of Enzo Cucchi reached at its highest point of fame. He reached it thanks the help of other painters like Francesco Clemente and Nicola De Maria. His works stood out from the other painters’ because they were original compared to the tendencies of the 70’s. Adopting the typical experimentalism of these tendencies, nevertheless, Cucchi recovers even the traditional means of doing art. It approached a self-educated painting, even to gain awards. Then not interested parties in this activity,…show more content…
At this time he wrote poetry. And because of his paintings he was known in Foreign in the beginnings of the decade of the 80’s as one of the most representative artist of the new cultural climate that makes the comeback to the figuration of the distinctive style of the decade. There were generated artistic movements that, with new languages, broke with the European tradition. The detonator was the abstract expressionism. Hard influenced by the surrealism, the abstract expressionists were using skills of immediate, spontaneous painting, forgetting quite narrative, and coming only to the color fields. He also created the Italian Trans vanguard. It is an Italian artistic movement of the postmodernity represented by a group of other…show more content…
This three thigs became the necessary tools to express his thoughts in ideas; his images belong to a poetic universe often alluding to the popular world and its culture, or are given as the direct edition of the unconscious. His is an art rooted in the memory of existence, but it fails to be emotionally involved far beyond belonging to a distinct community. His main focus were the painting, but he also decided to create sculptures, like his collection of sculptures named Senza Titolo. The painting of Enzo Cucchi is through the aggregation of multiple forms, more range of artistic techniques, from painting, ceramics, and mosaics He also used charcoal, earth wood and neon as resources and the technique of collage. He also gave human form to simple things of nature, like the stick of a tree in his sculpture Senza Titolo, which

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