Enzyme Catalyzed Reaction Lab Report

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Abstract: Drug companies must apply the knowledge gathered from the effects of substrate concentration in an enzyme catalyzed reaction. The awareness of inhibitors must be applied so that their developed drugs do not inhibit enzymes. It would be important to consider substrate concentrations in relationship to target enzymes that are exposed. Competitive inhibitor drugs compete with high concentrations of ATP in the cell and proteins inside the cell contain lower concentrations. Thus the knowledge of the effects of substrate concentration on enzyme activity would aid drug designers in utilizing competitive inhibitors that will inhibit the enzyme more effectively. The essentials of enzyme activity and total change were tested in being exposed…show more content…
They are proteins that are complexly folded to allow smaller molecules to fit into them; this active site is where substrate molecules bind. Enzymes must collide with one another at a precise position with enough activation energy. The active site must bind to the reacting molecule, or the substrate (1). Enzyme-catalyzed reactions require lower activation energy. The activity of an enzyme is affected by its environmental factors, and any change results in an alteration in the rate of the reaction caused by the enzyme (2). Naturally, the enzymes are adjusted by producing optimum rates of reaction or they adapt to function well in extreme conditions (2). Temperature, pH, and enzyme and substrate concentration all affect enzyme activity. The rate of reaction of an enzyme catalyzed reaction is affected by the difference in enzyme and substrate concentration. Increasing substrate and enzyme concentration will increase the rate of the reaction because more substrate molecules will be colliding with enzyme molecules, resulting in products being formed (1). The increase will eventually have no effect on the rate of reaction since the substrate concentration will no longer be the limiting factor. In other words, the enzymes will become saturated and will work at their maximum possible rate…show more content…
The reaction chamber was attached to an Oxygen collection tube. Water is filled at least three-quarters the way up in the bucket. Various percentages of substrate concentration (5%, 15%, and 25%) was added to the reaction chamber and the Oxygen tube is filled with water and contained a water bubble at the top. The initial height of the water in the Oxygen tube was recorded. After 30 seconds, the total change was determined and recorded. A bar graph with error bars will be used to determine the total
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