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Enzymes are a type of protein, so their monomers, is amino acid, which means it consists of polypeptides as its polymers. Enzymes are an important part of an individuals’ general health. They are more important than both vitamins and minerals. The function of an enzyme is to speed up any chemical reaction in the human body; the human body has many reactions going on in it at once. Chemical reactions would take a million times longer to get its products than it does without Enzymes. The structure of an enzyme is made in such a way that it would have the function of acting as a catalyst for chemical reactions. Even in modern day Enzymes are being used to help improve the health of individuals.

A report in natural news, Written by PF Louis, talks about some functions of
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Enzyme Depletion is when the Enzymes in a person’s body start to deduct. Some of the causes of Enzyme depletion are, Pesticides and chemicals, Cooking at high temperatures, Microwaving, Radiating and electromagnetic fields, fluoridated water, mercury amalgam dental fillings and root canals. Most of the causes of the depletion, we do daily, such as microwaving, dental fillings etc. Since Enzymes are a really important part of the daily functions of the body, if they start to decrease, it would affect the body gravely. The conditions that Enzyme depletion can cause are Protease (Digests proteins), which causes anxiety, low blood sugar, cancer, viral and bacterial infections and more. There is Amylase (Digests non-fiber Carbohydrates), which can cause Asthma, fungal infections, and liver or gall bladder disease. If Depletion Enzymes affects, Lipase (digests fat), it may cause high cholesterol, Obesity, Diabetes, and the hardening of arteries and more cardiovascular disease. Finally if Cellulase, which digests fibers, is affected, it may cause gas and bloating, food allergies and even paralysis (maybe

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