Enzyme Experiment: The Temperature Of The Enzyme Experiment

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Catalyse Enzyme Experiment.

Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed up chemical reactions which go on inside living things. Without them reactions would be so slow that life would grind to halt.
These are examples that can decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide.
The temperature of the liver
The surface area of the liver
The Ph. of the hydrogen peroxide
The concentration of the enzymes
The variables I am going to look at are, different
Temperatures in hot water baths, and one with an ice bath.

My Hypothesis for this experiment would be that the temperature of the liver enzymes would react best at, 35-40 degrees, because the enzyme in the liver wouldn’t exist after 40 degrees Celsius I know this because of this is the experiment that I have just carried out, as soon as the rate goes over every ten degrees Celsius the liver is warmed up but when it goes over 40 Celsius the rate of decomposition will slow it down, So reaching the highest Celsius in my experiment would be 60 Celsius so therefore the enzyme really wouldn’t exist. There for my enzyme activity would be at its greatest in room temperature.
My Null Hypothesis would be that the liver enzyme would work at 60 degrees Celsius and that the enzyme wouldn’t well at 35-40degrees Celsius.

The Rational for this experiment is, ‘Thousand cellular respiration’. The Aim of this Practical investigation is to “see what factors affect the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by the enzyme catalase which is found in the
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