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Biotechnology has been applied in the food industry since a long time to enhance properties such as nutritional value, taste, shelf-life of foods. When microorganisms and their enzymes are used to bring about desirable changes in a product, the process is known as fermentation. However,several other biotechnological techniques are used for the development and improvement of food products. The goal of the food biotechnology field is to improve nutritional values as well as flavor, fragrance, texture, etc., to improve the situation of malnutrition in developing countries. Also, the technologies applied to the product should also ensure that it’s safe to consume. “Safe food” can be defined as food in which physical, chemical and microbiological hazards are present at a level that doesn’t present a public health risk. Safe foods should be able to be consumed with the assurance that there will be no serious health implications to the consumer.
Applications of Biotechnology in food production
1. Biotechnology in Food Fermentation
Microorganisms are an integral part during the production of fermented foods. Microbial cultures can be genetically improved by using both traditional and molecular approaches. Traits which have been considered in both developed and developing
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For example, by improving flowering capacity and increasing photosynthesis. Cassava and rice, for example, are the main sources of calories for millions of people. However, the protein content in the above mentioned crops is low and, for those who lack access to a variety of foods like in most developing countries, this may lead to an unbalanced dietProductivity increase will lead to decrease in prices. It certainly will benefit the consumer but the situation of the producers i.e. the farmers, would not improve. The income position of the rural population is affected by such factors

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