Epic Detour Character Analysis

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Have you ever had an epic trip? Have you ever had a loving family member die? Well in the novel Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson talks about how Amy Curry a senior high school student is having a terrible year due to the fact that her dad died in a car accident. Her mother decided to move across the country from California to Connecticut, but since Amy’ brother and mom are already there she will have to drive due to money problems. However, Amy has a fear of driving, therefore her mother contacted one of her old family friend who has a nineteen year old son named Roger. Amy barely knows Roger but she has no other option since they are both going the same route. Throughout the book there is lots of man vs. self and man vs. man. Also there is lots of foreshadowing and behavior that connects towards real life. The conflict mainly faced by the protagonist Amy Curry is man vs. self due to all the problems she is having since her father died. Amy doesn't want to get too close and bond with anyone because she is scared that they might leave and never come back like her dad. She has a conflict with herself because she is always trying to make her life much…show more content…
When using foreshadowing it adds lots of suspense and builds anticipation to what might happen next. This then grabs the reader and makes the audience much more interested in the novel. In the novel by Morgan Madson I suspect that she is foreshadowing towards the point that Amy was in the car accident and was the only one who saw her dad seconds before her dad died. The hints that she gives are like that Amy doesn’t drive since the day her dad died in a car accident. Also she keeps thinking her mom doesn’t like her because of what happened with her dad. Amy as well believes that her mom thinks it was her fault that her dad died and that it’s the reason why her mom doesn’t speak or doesn’t have any in depth conversation with
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