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Horrific thoughts consume the mind as they play almost like a movie throughout the night until the dreamer finally wakes up. They might ruin an entire day, making him or her feel anxious or even frightened throughout it. That type of dream is called a nightmare. They are the most disturbing types of dreams. They are mainly a response to real life stresses or problems. Nightmares that respond to traumatic experiences are called Post-traumatic Stress Nightmares or PSN. If one shows evidence of family history dealing with psychiatric problems, drug experiences, or a relationship that is going downhill, that person will have nightmares often, therefore, making those problems harder to deal with at times (“Dream Moods: History and Background of…show more content…
Epic dreams are the most vivid type of dream, and cannot be forgotten or ignored. The details could stick with a dreamer for years. After waking from that type of dream, he or she might feel powerful, or changed by a once in a lifetime experience (“Dream Moods: History and Background of Dreams”). Epic dreams may have a continuous story line that expands over a series of nights. Epic dreams are believed to also send messages through their story line. Those messages should be taken seriously. An event that might not have happened yet could be seen in an epic dream, also making it a prophetic dream. There have been instances where people found themselves talking to an ancestor, or created a genuine connection with one. There is no research behind why they happen, but people who have woken up from an epic dream felt completely different when waking from an epic dream versus other dreams (Klein…show more content…
Many groups created different beliefs as more people became curious about the subject. Dreaming was believed to be a questionable subject. How can one allow their mind to travel into a different world of imagination while sleeping? With any controversial topic, assumptions and beliefs sprout from different areas around the world. The list goes on with opinions and cultural beliefs, but it is all up to science to find out the rest. They all stem from each other, creating what is known today. There are many questions to be acknowledged still, but for now, the facts have shown only sleep cycle patterns and where dreams lay amongst those, eye movements while dreaming, and opinion-based assumptions as to why people have certain types of dreams. Dreams are an amazing subject because the mind runs wild even while sleeping. Dreaming is a powerful experience with only vague answers in place. Transitioning into a deep sleep, allowing the mind to wander into an imaginative world, is what dreaming is. The beautiful, questionable, and stressful world keeps the mind flowing with scenarios, and those individual stories only the dreamer can create and see, are unique for each and every person. That’s what makes dreams an extremely fascinating

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