Epic Hero In Beowulf

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There always seems to be a brave man of distinguished courage, admired throughout the centuries for his deeds and qualities. There always seems to be a hero to follow. Usually it is a person exemplifying remarkable feats and ideals of the society. Undoubtedly, the mere concept of a hero has dramatically changed over time, just as the morals and values did. Our ancestors used to admire Beowulf, and we strive to bear at least a slight resemblance to Superman, Ironman or other comic book characters. But can they be easily compared? And do they have much in common? Beowulf is probably the mightiest and the bravest hero of the Old English literature. For many centuries in a row he was considered to be an example of a person easily overcoming extremely difficult obstacles, inspiring the others, showing great courage, sacrificing his life for good and generally typifying all the traits of a hero. He lived in the era, when the monsters and rival armies were the major problems to worry about. It is his courage and physical strength that allowed Beowulf to successfully conquer the evil Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a terrorizing dragon. Probably, all modern book heroes are likewise courageous, loyal, wise and self-sacrificing. Just call everyone you know to the memory: Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Capitan America, Superman, etc. They possess both ordinary human characteristics and superhuman qualities, help the greater good, have the outstanding leadership skills, and always stay
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