Epic Of Beowulf Essay: Good Vs. Evil

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Everyone has a certain view on what they consider is evil and what they consider makes someone good. In Beowulf, the main theme focuses on Good vs. Evil. Good always over powers evil. “What makes Beowulf good?” The concept of Good vs. Evil in Beowulf is presented as Beowulf being good and the monsters being evil. This reveals that the Anglo Saxon values are willingness to help others, bravery and leadership. To start off, Beowulf is considered good because he willingly helps others which are a very important value in the Anglo Saxon society. When Beowulf learns about Hrothgars problem Beowulf immediately sets out to help him. “Perhaps Hrothgar can hunt, here in my heart/For some way to drive this devil out/” (Raffel, 191-192) This is part of what Beowulf tells the Watchman when he is questioned as to why they arrived. During the end of the story, Beowulf in his old age still tries to defeat the dragon.
“I’ve never known fear,
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Beowulf’s bravery is shown throughout the whole story. For example, when he decides to fight Grendel without any weapons seeing as how Grendel does not attack and kill with weapons. This shows much bravery and as he said in the story “My hands/alone shall fight for me, struggle for life/ against the monster.” (Raffel, 267-270) Beowulf here is talking about how he will fight Grendel with his own bare hands seeing as it will be a fair fight. Beowulf’s bravery makes him refuse when people suggest for someone else to fight the dragon because of his old age. He says with great pride he will face the dragon and not run away “I feel no shame, with shield and sword/ and armor against the monster: when he comes to me/I mean to stand, not run from his shooting flames.” Beowulf feels no shame in using his armor to defeat the dragon. He says he will not run away from the dragon which shows an honorable amount of

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