Epic Of Beowulf Essay: Religion In The Middle Ages

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Religion in the Middle Ages. In the three stories we have read and talked about so far all three discuss religion in very different ways. The story Beowulf was set in the Anglo-Saxon time period. The story Beowulf has Pagan roots but at the time this was written many Pagans in the Anglo-Saxon time period had converted to Christianity. This story follows how the narrator of Beowulf struggles between the Christian beliefs and values of the narrator and the Pagan activates done by the charterers in the story. The narrator however does say he believes that Beowulf would have been Pagan, but still thinks that the trust Beowulf has in God makes him a Christian. There are many references to God in this story. For example in Beowulf it states “Afterwards a boy-child was sent to Shield, a cub in the yard, a comfort sent by…show more content…
During this time period the Catholic Church influenced the life of people daily. The Church and it’s officials held most of the power. Sir Gawain is very proud of his religion and his religious beliefs are unshakable. His religions morals are unshakable. Gawain’s shield is where we can see most of his faith as he displays a painted picture of the Virgin Mary on it. Additionally, the outside of this shield featured the Pentangle, which symbolizes Gawain’s strong chivalric morals. The Pentangle, of five-pointed star represents all of the Christian and moral codes that he represents as a knight: his faultless senses, infallible five fingers, the five wounds of Christ, the five joys of Mary, and the five qualities in a knight. Gawain and the Green Knight models the sort of behavior expected in the 14th and 15th century. Religious morals were extremely prevalent, and Gawain demonstrates religious devotion to maintain his chivalric code. (Religion in Sir Gawain and the Knight.) This shows how important religion really was during this time period, religion was extremely
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