Epic Of Beowulf Essay: The Admired Hero

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Beowulf: The Admired Hero
I. Introduction- Beowulf introduces himself to Hrothgar
The story of Beowulf is told with a narrative tone that reveres the Danish-medieval culture which values strong family lineage, honor, and bravery. All of those traits will play a significant role in Beowulf’s favor with King Hrothgar as he introduces himself to the king as a fearless man of stature who vows to slay the demonic oppression caused by Grendel, and live up to the heroic standards of his ancestors.
II. Beowulf gains favor with the king by establishing his lineage
Beowulf comes before the Danish King Hrothgar to state his purpose for arriving to the kingdom unannounced. As Beowulf is petitioning before the king his ability to defend the kingdom from the monstrous attacks, the king interrupts with a reminiscent tone. Hrothgar recounts a hostile incident during which Beowulf’s father killed
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Beowulf Models Bravery
After the feast, Beowulf and his men gather at the hall and prepare to take watch as the night falls. Disparate to his men, Beowulf unarms himself and expresses that his intention is to fight Grendel unarmed. Beowulf lies down while boasting that he is just as dangerous as Grendel and his fearful men lie awake, fearful that any of them will live to see morning. This act of bravery is one of the beginning scenes in the poem that set the tone for Beowulf’s chivalric nature, while also setting the tone for the leadership qualities he naturally poses to be king.
V. Conclusion
Throughout the story of Beowulf, the narrator takes a formal approach in communicating to the reader. In some aspects of the poem, the narrator recounts events that took place at different points in the timeline to create a cohesive backdrop for the reader. Although the narrator doesn’t communicate in a loud voice, there is a common theme that is present throughout the poem, the characteristics that are most valued by Beowulf: his family lineage, his honor, and the bravery he

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