Epic Of Gilgamesh Comparison Essay

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is a poem written in 2000 B.C. whereas the Ark of Noah was written around 400 B.C. Both stories discuss about the historical great flood which whipped a human races from the earth. The stories were written in to two difference places and era; though they have a lot in common and quiet few differences. Consequently, according to the book of the Epic OF Gilgamesh and The Ark of Noah, the similarities between those two stories is more momentous than their differences. The major similarities in both stories is the cause of the flood. According to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the people on the earth were very noisy and wicked; thus, the gods decided to destroy the earth and kill all the people. Then, the leader of the pantheon gods ordered Utanapishtim to build a boat and save his life. “Reed fence, reed fence, wall, wall! Listen, o reed fence! Pay attention, o wall! O man of Shuruppak, son of…show more content…
One elaborates that on the way back to the city of Uruk, Gilgamesh stopped by the lake and decided to take a bath. Nonetheless, he left his magical plant at the shore. Consequently, a snake was attracted the plant’s odor, then he stole it and ate it. As soon as he ate the plant, his old skin shed off and got new skin. Therefore, in both stories both characters lost or stolen their immortality by a snake. One of the major difference between those two stories are the repetition of the numbers and the event occurred. As stated in The Epic of Gilgamesh, it notes that “all the gods of heaven and hell wept” (Gilgamesh). One elaborates that the gods wept and the flood was the result of their tears. In the book of Gilgamesh, it notes that there was a rain for six days and six nights. As a result it eradicates all creatures that live in the city of Shuruppak. Then by the seventh day, the boat landed on the mount
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