Epic Of Gilgamesh

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Mythology is the study of myths in sacred stories that connect humans, Gods, life, death, and afterlife. Gilgamesh has many different connections between Gods and humans. Gilgamesh is the oldest surviving piece of literature, but is incomplete, written only on clay tablets in cuneiform ("Notes on Gilgamesh."). The mythology from the stories is talked highly about amongst historians. Many historians have translated the text and tried to analyze it. There is one idea that the Gods played a big role in what the Uruk people did in their everyday lives. Since the Gods were connected to them so closely, it must had an effect on their society. The question is, did mythology have a big influence on the Uruk civilization? The story begins with Gilgamesh,…show more content…
This was going against something that the Gods did to protect the forest, but Gilgamesh still wanted to do it, so he convinced Enkidu to help him. Before they left to fight Humbaba, Gilgamesh told the people of Uruk about what their plans was (Mitchell, 94-95). This was more for the Gods to hear about it before it happened, so they could get the okay from them. Ninsun prayed to Shamash to help Enkidu and Gilgamesh defeat Humbaba in the Cedar Forest (Mitchell, 100). The whole journey to the Cedar Forest Gilgamesh kept having dreams that they couldn’t defeat Humbaba, but every night Enkidu convinced Gilgamesh that he was interpreting the dreams wrong (Mitchell, 105-116). After defeating Humbaba, they came back to Uruk. Gilgamesh knew that he could not be King forever so he tried to do these “godly” like things, so that he would always be remembered ("Myths Encyclopedia."). After Gilgamesh completed this “godly” thing with Enkidu, Ishtar proposed to Gilgamesh. He denied her, because of all her past husbands. This made Ishtar upset so she convinced Anu to send the sacred bull of heaven after him. Enkidu and Gilgamesh defeated the bull together. Later that night Enkidu had a dream that one of them must be killed because this upset the Gods. They wanted Enkidu dead, not Gilgamesh. ("Myths Encyclopedia.").When he told Gilgamesh about it, he did not believe him.…show more content…
So Gilgamesh sets out to find Utnapishtim who is immortal so he too can become immortal. The journey is very long and dangerous, one that no human could ever survive, but Gilgamesh does. Since he must be God like to survive the journey, Utnapishtim gives him the chance to tell him why he is there. Utnapishtim tells the story of the flood to Gilgamesh and how he became immortal. He tells Gilgamesh how five Gods decided the secret plan for him (Mitchell, 181-182). During the story, he tells Gilgamesh he must stay awake for seven days to become immortal. He tries, but he is still human and falls asleep. Utnapishtim is about to send him away when his wife calls out her pity for Gilgamesh. He gave Gilgamesh another chance and sent him out to get the plant of immortality at the bottom of the sea. He got the plant, but when he sat to rest for a moment, a snake took the plant. Gilgamesh now had to return home to Uruk, after an unsuccessful mission (“Mircea
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