Epic Poetry In The Epic Of Homer's Iliad

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Introduction There is no doubt that we have heard about Greek and the great history that they had however, whenever it comes in our minds the word Greek we remember the most popular epics ever in the history, Iliad. Iliad is an epic poem that tells the story of the Trojan War and the Odyssey which have been considered as the most important Greek epic poem for the blind epic poet, Homer. Despite the doubts in his presence whether he was the one who wrote the epic or not however, his epic poetry is still studying till this century. If we travel back in time to the century that Homer has been written this epic, we will find that his epic is dating back to the eighteenth or nineteenth century BC according to the history of Greek. One hundred years after Homer’s death his poems have been collected and tell us about the story of the siege of Troy. In this essay I will take about one of the famous Epic poetry which is Homeric for Iliad in particular the Homeric similes and how the poet has used various devices to add authority with specific reference to Book 22. Then I will choose eight lines from Homer’s poem and quote the lines then I will explain how this poet has used various devices to add beauty and value to his poem. First of all we need to highlight on the meaning of the authority which can be defined as a power to influence or command thought, behavior , opinion, or make decisions and it is also can be referred to someone has the power or right to direct or control

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