Epic Vs Beowulf

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The Beowulf epic compared to the movie can be viewed in many different aspects. During that time era, there were different customs and morals that were acceptable by people. These characteristics carry over from the epic to the movie, however some vary. Eventually, this leads to multiple new perspectives to be looked at in greater detail.
There are many differences in the movie, Beowulf (2007), from the original epic.
For one, in the epic Hrothgar was not the father of Grendel. There is no evidence or mention of any romance being between anyone that critically affects the events of the story. Also, Grendel's mother is never described to be covered in gold. She is seen as an ugly, brutal sea monster seeking revenge on the act of Beowulf killing her son. Grendel’s arm is also torn off by a door in the movie, rather than being ripped off during the fight with Beowulf. Another difference is that Beowulf does not stay in Hrothgar's town and marry his queen. As soon as Beowulf has killed both Grendel and Grendel's mother, he returns home
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These characteristics are epic hero traits that signify the protagonist of the story. Also, the people of Denmark accepted Beowulf's help when he came from his ship. However, a Danish warrior (Unferth) was jealous and questionable about Beowulf and bashed him on the tales told about him, saying they were lies. He didn’t think Beowulf would be able to help them defeat Grendel, and so they both verbally fought for their dignity. In conclusion, the epic poem Beowulf and the movie Beowulf (2007) can be seen to have notable similarities and difference between them. Both versions have their own way of telling the story, making each unique. They symbolize Anglo-Saxon culture and present epic hero traits. Multiple versions of Beowulf provide more ways to see the epic in a different light, providing a new
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