Epic Zero: Odysseus As An Epic Hero

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Epic Hero or Epic Zero
Would one think of Odysseus as an epic hero? Although he had excessive pride and cheated on his wife, he has many traits that makes him an epic hero. For example, Odysseus was able to come up with a genius plan to injure Polyphemos before he could eat any more of Odysseus’ men, that demonstrates the trait of intelligence. Odysseus has been through many hardships and has always used his traits to help him get through any obstacle. Throughout Odysseus’ journey home, he demonstrates leadership, intelligence, and superhuman strength.

Odysseus highlights leadership many times throughout his journey. For example, in “The Lotus Eaters” episode, Odysseus declared, “I drove them all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down
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For example, in the episode “The Land of the Dead”, Odysseus reported, “Then I addressed the blurred and breathless dead.” (Homer 1065). This represents bravery because Odysseus went to the Underworld to see Tiresias, the Underworld is an extremely fiery, spine-chilling place. It takes a truly brave person to go there. The author uses imagery in the quote, by saying “the blurred and breathless dead”, it helps the reader visualize the dreary people Odysseus is seeing. They are extremely gloomy, and they call out to Odysseus. It takes a brave person to be able to look at dead, pale souls and not feel for a second they should go back, they thrive through their obstacles. Odysseus shows bravery by going into the Underworld with no fear, to be an epic hero one must be able to not let fear overcome…show more content…
Odysseus shows leadership by taking charge and bringing his men back to the ship. He uses intelligence to know that he should not tell his men about Scylla and Charybdis. Lastly, Odysseus reveals bravery when he goes into the Underworld. As Napoleon I once said, “True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life, in whatever shape they may challenge us to combat.” This quote means that to be true hero one must be able to stand tall and fight through any obstacle they are faced
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