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Epictetus’s handbook describes in detail what it means to be a Stoic, we find that it means to be detached from the things that one cannot change, and although it may seem contradictory, this very detachment is what allows or them to be such great members or society. I believe that a good member of society is one that can keep the peace and also can be able to get important things done and decisions made. The detachment the Stoic has allows for him to keep the peace by realizing that he cannot change other people instead the Stoic must, “…act conformably to them. Thus, at an entertainment, don 't talk how persons ought to eat, but eat as you ought” (#46). The Stoic knows and realizes that they cannot change others they can only be in control…show more content…
When making decisions it is important for a Stoic to, “Use only the appropriate actions of pursuit and avoidance; and even these lightly, and with gentleness and reservation.” (#2). Due to the Stoic realizing that they can only control their own actions they have more time in thinking and debating how they should act or behave, allowing them to use appropriate actions in tough situation. Another important aspect of getting important decisions made is humility, being able to make decisions that are not only good for yourself but for the good of society. A Stoic cannot, “… be prideful with any excellence that is not [his] own. If a horse should be prideful and say, "I am handsome," it would be supportable. But when [he is] prideful, and say, "I have a handsome horse," know that [he is] proud of what is, in fact, only the good of the horse.” (#6). The Stoic knows that being humble is an important part of being a good member of society. It is a blend of these two aspects of being a Stoic, being humble in decision making and keeping peace, this is what makes the Stoics who follow “Then Handbook”, by Epictetus, truly good members of a

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