Epictetus Research Paper

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Epictetus I really feel that quote is deep I will explain on that topic later on in the paper. He was really ahead of his time. I chose Epictetus because he stated facts in my opinion, also he was a slave, and he stands on what he believes. I feel like as a result of his stoic philosophy teaching that his thoughts live on even in today era. Let me elaborate with the slave accusations. He’s been through the struggle probably most things he didn’t want to do he had to do which was out of his control. I’m sure just like in the earlier days of civilization slave didn’t have rights. Eventually Epictetus bought out his own freedom I can respect that in all aspects. He didn’t run and he didn’t hide just accepted what it is and what it was going to…show more content…
Which is live your life and accept, now I may not agree with what’s happening like if I break my leg its broke already how did that even it happen Epictetus mind I would have to accept it and move on. How it happens and why it happens it’s out of my control I accept it calmly and dispassionately. Even a Great man that was influence by his studies served in the same branch as me(Admiral James Bond Stockdale). Epictetus save his life in a way the Stoic philosopher save his life when he was shot down in Vietnam war and became a prisoner of war. He learned what is and isn’t in his control . The things that are up to you and the things that are not. Understanding that you have to keep separates files. the tortured and pain he endure that happen while he was in prison. He came out alive and with a different mindset even wrote a couple of books himself if it wasn’t for Epictetus would ADM. Stockdale have made it? That we will never know but one thing is for sure. One thing we do know is that ADM. Stockdale did absorb the knowledge he attain from Epictetus to help him make it
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