Reflection Of Epicurus's Letter To Menem

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Introduction The definition of happiness and pleasure, is something that from a very early age the human being has always wondered what it is? And as one can achieve and have a pleasant life, the philosopher Epicurus in one of his letters wrote the Letter to Menem, which talks about the happiness and the pleasure and thoughts that man forms while he is alive, I propose in this work to make reflections that The philosopher Epicurus does about what is really happiness? And how can I get it fully, see the connection through the philosophy and health of the spirit (the mind). The philosopher Epicurus mentions that man often forget that he is not an immortal being and that he cares too much about death. For Epicurus we need to leave this idea aside and…show more content…
Letter on Happiness (Mentioned) Having love of wisdom does not take days, nor months, nor the right age to be able to dedicate ourselves to it, we can dedicate ourselves since young people, because it is useful to us both when we are young and when we are a more advanced age, Young woman she gives us the security of being able to grow old without being afraid of the experiences of life that are to come and for those who are aging to have the pleasure to remember the experiences that already happened and how important they were for the being that it is, And represents the medium where it is inserted. We often wonder how I can live well? And we forget to look at things that we can mirror and grow with them, we can say that living well is like cultivating a plant, which is to take care of it, to know its growth stages, the climate that best adapts to its growth, Right time to give, from this same idea we start from how can I live? Epicurus at the beginning of the book comes to speak, that for and to live well it is necessary to cultivate, to take care of the things that bring us happiness because with it we have everything and without it we do nothing and always strive to the maximum to arrive at this state of mind
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