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My biostatistics and epidemiology classes at medical school turned out to be my defining professional moment. I discovered my passion in research methodology and decided to pursue my future career as an epidemiologist. My excellent mathematical background, along with my passion for medicine made me appreciate how the epidemiology is an artistic and indispensable part of medicine in general and public health in particular. Aside from the fact of being the core of public health, it is a very versatile specialty. My aim is to pursue a master’s degree in the field of epidemiology, specializing in statistical epidemiology. My focus will be on the methods for clinical and translational of the research, and critical reading of epidemiologic literature. Studying epidemiology will familiarize me with the research techniques which are crucial for me as medical doctor and to the patients. My passion in the field of medical research started from my 4th year at medical school, when together with my colleagues I led a survey that…show more content…
An epidemiology program offers both course work and practical study which would give me a strong foundation in public health especially disease surveillance and prevention. By having advanced training in the United Kingdom, which is considered as the highest standard in education of public health, I will acquire the skills to help not only my department, but also all health care professionals in the city of Basra to understand the principles of approach to the epidemiological research. My next step in my career becomes an interactive lecturer and public health specialist of epidemiology at Basra College of Medicine, lecturing not only to the medical students and doctors in the city of Basra, but my target is to establish a national website for distance teaching from which Iraqi health care professionals can access lectures on the basic principle in epidemiology and research
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