Epilogue To Boudreaux's Friendship

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“I’m sorry m’dear. Boudreaux and I were talking about old times and I simply forgot myself - we should not speak of such things in front of you.” “You were just speaking plenty on the Baroness and her misadventures, now you want to worry of my delicate ears- please, tell me of this ‘pleasure palace’,” I implored. “Is it a house of ill-repute?” I asked bluntly, looking first to one then the other. “I did not think ladies knew of such places.” Louis’ tone showed surprise. “We may not speak of them, but we do know about them, the same as we know about the practice of Placage among our Creole husbands and their other wives.” He looked helplessly to Boudreaux for help, but Boudreaux only smiled as if to say ‘she is your problem when you’re home my friend’. “No m’dear, it is not,” said Louis sheepishly “well not exactly. It is more of a place…show more content…
Then, after the demon had its way with me, I had tried my best to seduce Boudreaux into making love to me right there in the courtyard where the demon had… Were those types of things what usually went on at Carnival? Was Carnival celebrated just to appease the lustful spirits of us humans? “You have both warned me of the succubus and incubus demons - and you both warned me of those who walk the streets at night in search of lustful like minded people so why the fuss over telling me about this place called the, Pleasure Palace? Are you afraid I will want to go?” I acted as if the thought would never occur to me, and aimed my query toward my husband this time; Boudreaux knew of my misadventures, he was jealous of everyone except Louis it seemed; however, my husband did not know of them; therefore, he should have no reason to doubt my sincerity. “Quite frankly, yes m‘dear, I do think you would want to go,” Louis said with a nervous chuckle. I was seeing another side to my usually confident
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