Epilogue To Merlin Story

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Dear Merlin! He 's gonna break his neck for real this time! The scary thought crossed his mind as he descended the stairs. He 's a witch, albeit a young one, and probably there was some kind of spell that could help him to cushion the fall he 's bound to have, but the boy was panicking and can 't think of anything. And then he heard someone shouting for his name. It was Angel, he saw, the girl was standing at the top of the stairs. "Angel! Help! Arrghh- ga- gahhh!!" teeth clattering as he keep falling. Olaf 's bed excursion ended up with him banging on the Fat Lady 's portrait. Unfortunately the painting wasn 't thick enough, so his four poster bed cut through it; waking up the Fat Lady and sent her to wail in surprised and shame. But at least, it stopped the bed. Albeit all he cursing and screaming from her, Olaf took a second to gather his wits back. It 's exhilarating indeed! Such an adrenaline rush! "Sorry! Sorry! I 'll fix it! Hushh now... You 're gonna awaken the whole castle!" he begged in a hushed tone. The Lady was unstoppable, though, and her cries increased…show more content…
Angel came at that moment then, bouncing at him, saying that she would like to have a try on it as well. "You 're welcome to have a try on it," beckoning towards the bed, "but help me to shut the Fat Lady 's mouth first," he whispered to her, recruiting Angel to be his accomplice. "And we better fix this before any of the Professors come," referring to the bed that was so falsely placed. He 's still a prefect after all, and he 's been doing so well to keep the badge with him thus far. It 'll be tragic to lose it at
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