Epilogue To Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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The sun was rising on the open sea And Odysseus looked out over the horizon. It had been almost five days since there last stop; Ismaros The sea shined bright in the Sweet spring air and the sun Beat down on the hopeless men. They were farther away from home now than ever. In the distance, the sailors could see An island that was rather immense in size And full of massive trees and lush forests. The water surrounding the island glistened like The finest crystal in Grease. As the men grew closer, they heard the distinct sound of a lady Which was comforting music to their ears after So long in the dangerous sea. Odysseus was intrigued by the sweet sound And without a second thought,…show more content…
Odysseus knew he had to get his team back under control And back to following orders. "I know that I have steered you wrong before But I also know that this woman needs our Help desperately! How would you feel If were you on that Island, starving by that fire? Would you want help? It 's the right thing to do, And after all we have endured, we must show The gods that we still have a clean soul, And that we are good people indeed!" Odysseus was truly a man of persuasion And his crew decided to follow him onto the island Where the damsel 's cries became louder and more evident. The men approached her and asked What the significance of her cries were. They were given no response other than silence. She was then questioned once more. And the same reply was given. Shortly after, without a single word, The mysterious woman stood up from the fire, Slowly walked past Odysseus and his troops, Who were confused by her actions, And ventured into the dark forest That stood behind them. The men looked back at Odysseus, Wondering if they should leave
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