Epilogue To The Crucible

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I saw Pirate Kidd bury his treasure in the land of what is known, by the human species, as America. I saw him dig and run back to his boat. I saw him get captured and hung for crimes that are corrupt. I knew that the treasure needed to be looked after so I delightfully accepted to take the matter into my own hands, and to put that good money into some evil use. I love to see mankind fall, one person at a time. I always look for the one who is need of me the most. I have helped with other business matters in other parts of the land. I visited Salem and fingered through the crowd, planting seeds of heart discord. I have had a voice in some hearings and throughout the village. It was exciting to see my influence in some of the public and private matters. Nice people I must say but that 's for another… lovely tragic story. Back to what I was saying, I flew over the forest minding my own delightful business when I heard yelling and screaming, above the others, that I was thrown to with fascination. I flew as fast as my wings could allow me too. I passed Turkey, Germany and Great Britain to find myself floating over water that…show more content…
I was outside the window and was trying to reach him but… my arms could not move. “What was the point” I said as I shook my hand into the sky. Then the words came out of his mouth but as if time had slowed down. I had not that power. “THEN... THE… DEVIL” Tom was speaking. I then looked up. “Ooh… Thats why” I said. I took my ax and threw it on the street. The ax flew at a normal pace and it cut thru all the rain. The ax turned black and melted into a pool of blood. Out of the blood rose a coal black horse. The words from out of Tom came a little faster. “ TAKE ME”. That was my cue. I knock on the door three times then Tom looked and time began to maintain normal speed. “ TOM, YOU 'RE COME FOR” I screamed with pleasure. I snapped my fingers and he was on the back of my horse with me. I told the horse to run to the forest and it
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