Epilogue To The Holocaust

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Chapter One

When I finally wake the first thought that comes to mind is “What on Earth is that god awful smell?” Did someone forget to take the trash out? For a week? That’s when I blink my eyes and find myself on what looks like a dirty nasty cattle car.

I am completely surrounded by people. None of which I recognize. How did I end up here? Where is Bruno? What happened to Schuler? That very moment, I think about his name and yesterday’s events rush back into my mind.

I’m back in Birkenau, following my duties as a normal nazi soldier should when one of the most filthy, disgusting Jews with repulsive breath and teeth spread so far apart that they looked more like leftover mashed potatoes rather than teeth. Then it - I mean he, I guess,
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“ They’re going to find out about you.” What the hell did that mean? Crazy Jew must’ve been out of it. The fact that he was haughty enough to march is ugly behind in front of a soldier and say such disgusting word. He really must’ve been crazy. Ha, yeah that 's it. These jews have lost it.

That 's all I remember… How did I get from being a soldier in a concentration camp to a piece of trash dwelling amongst people - people! I wake up from my daydream at once, startled, realizing that the people around me are staring directly at me.

The scary thing wasn’t the fact that they were staring at me it was that they all looked at me as if I was stupid? Are they crazy? It seemed as if they all accepted a mutual fate that i wasn’t aware
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I’m walking back to my barrack after the crazy old Jew threatened me when I am completely bombarded with a group of soldiers. “What’s going on?” I say, “Is there something going on with the camps?”. I stand there confused as they continued to stare into my eyes as if imbedded in them were daggers filled with hate. We stand there a minute until one who looks almost barbarick speaks up. “ Something is going on alright. But it has nothing to do with the camps Judenschwein.” I’m taken aback.. Judenschwein is what we’d call one of the revolting Jews. Why is he calling me by such a faulty name? “What?” I say. “Just tell us. Is it true? Jewboy.” The barbarian says. “Are you a jew?!” Am i a Jew? Does he not see my beautiful blonde hair? And my luxurious blue eyes? how on earth can i be jew?
CLAT! I’m hit. I reach for the back of my head when - CLAT! I’m hit again. I don’t understand what’s going on. Soon I’m being hit all over, pain exuding from all parts of my body. I open my eyes and see the barbarian staring at me. He swings his baton over his head and down aiming for my head when-
I’m awake. The woman is dusting herself off when someone grabs my arm and pulled me up to my feet in one swift
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