Epilogue To When Eugenia

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There was once a foreign kingdom in which held one of the most beautiful princesses known to man, but both, her mother and her father were very ill and had only a few days until they perish. The extremely beautiful princess named Jessique prayed to the heavens for if they could not cure her parents illness come up with some other way to help her keep her kingdom stable. One of the gods who heard her prayers found the princess very noble to her people and her face was quiet as well. The god had never seen such a beauty. The god not only felt so strongly for a goddess let alone a mortal. the god listened out for her prayers every time she spoke to the heavens finally the god thought of a way to answer her prayers. The handsome god went down to…show more content…
When Eugenia awoke she was greeted by her mother Jessique. All her mother said was ‘quickly where leaving.” On the ride home jessique explained to eugenia that she had disrespected his mother and have brought shame to their kingdom. Jessique finally told eugenia everything that she was a demigod,numbecko was a god and how jessique had made a deal previously to keep her kingdom stable but it requires you to be married to a god. Eugenia overwhelmed with all this information ran into the forest listening to the crunch of leaves under her feet. Tear blurred her vision as she ran, But she eventually gave up and sat against a big rock. She continued to cry , but as she looked to the right she saw a pink lily floating in her pool of tear. Numbecko had been walking the woods in a depressed state. All numbecko wanted was to be with a beautiful women with such mystery like Eugenia. Numbecko felt they had made a wonderful connection, and couldn 't believe it ended so abruptly. Just as numbecko was walking home he heard a women crying and to his surprise it was Eugenia ! She immediately wiped her face looking at Numbecko. He said “ why do you cry.” she explained her situation with her kingdom, but numbecko already knew that what mattered to him is she said “she really liked him and messed up her chance.” numbecko looked at her said “everyone deserves a second

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