Epiphany In The Fisher King

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The purpose of this paper is to explain jacks epiphany. An epiphany is often explained as being a sudden insight into reality or the essential meaning of something, usually originating from something simple, such as an experience or occurrence. (Dictionary.com) The influences of an epiphany change the individual forever. Following the concept of epiphany comes a catharsis, anagnorisis, and kenosis. Each of these have a part in making reality known, rather than what you initially believe. Going through any of these processes can have a life changing effect. Not only could this affect you but others around you, an example of this could be the realization that Jack faced had an impact not only on him, but on Parry too.
In the film “The Fisher King” the main character Jack is faced with a life changing situation, and crowded by several epiphanies. Jack Lucas is a man obsessed with his own self image, and he talks on his radio show as if he is above everyone else, despising anyone around him. (Google Books) Throughout
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In hopes that he will be relieved of emotional guilt, Not only does Jack feel the need to get the holy grail for Parry, but he also wants to help him meet his dream girl, Lydia. Parry has been watching Lydia for a while now, in hopes to someday meet her. Jack sees Parry’s love for Lydia and genuinely wants to help him make this dream a reality. Jack, with the help of his very good friend Anne go through numerous traps in hopes to get her to recognize Parry. Once Jack feels that he has got the ball rolling between Lydia and Parry, Jack has completed his catharsis. To fully complete catharsis Jack had to make decisions in order to realize and feel emotion at the right time, for the right reason, for the right person, and in the right way. Jack emotional breakdown at Parry’s bedside while he’s in a coma demonstrates this
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