Review Of Episode 8: Boom: Story Of The United States

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Questions Episode 8: Boom (The Story of Us) In 1910 I California, a column of oil nearly 200 feet high explodes out of a derrick and sets off a chain of events that will turn America into a superpower. Mass production and job opportunities prompted by the First World War draw African American to northern cities like Chicago, but racial conflict follows. A popular campaign to ban alcohol succeeds, yet when it comes, Prohibition triggers a wave of organized crime. Several things happened simultaneously during this period of America’s history. Following the arrows, explain how each event led to the next: Vast oil reserves found in Texas ------ automobiles -----assembly line ---- mass production -----product production --- The Great Migration--- racial tension - The Red Summer. Beneath their feet lay oil reserves that are with over 11 million dollars today. No where in the world has anybody discovered this much oil…show more content…
Cars are transforming the lives of millions. You do not have to live near work. Cities explode outworks, creating giant suburbs. New highways were built and shopping malls with giant car parks. Over the hills a real-estate syndicate buys 500 acres. They hire men from Italy to build luxury mansions overlooking the city. Dream homes fit for oil tycoons and film stars. Four thousand light bulbs announce the names of this luxury development, HollywoodLand. Built on oil, fueled by cars and movies, Los Angeles is the fastest growing city in the world. LA is running out of water and its up to Mulholland to fix it. In order for a large number of people to be able to live in California means had to be provided to get the water. He found a place called Owens Vally water flowing out of the mountains has formed a massive lake. Aided only by gravity this water could flow all the way to Los Angeles. The aqueduct is completed, and it saves Los
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