An Episode Of War Summary

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An Analysis of 3 messages from An Episode of War One definition of War is to engage in a battle. There are many things that can come out of a war, whether it be victory or lose, life or death. The things that happen in a war cannot be known for a fact and be a set circumstance, nothing is ever for sure. Many lives were lost from wars that happened in america's past, one of them was the Civil War, where brother fought brother. A man by the name Stephen Crane(1871-1900) wrote a short story called, An Episode of War. This story expands on how bad the situations that come from war and what it was like getting injured in those time. In Cranes’ story he has characters but none of them have true names they just have their ranking as their name. One is called Lieutenant, another is called the nurse,…show more content…
Life is intense and complicated, and no one can predict what will happen to themselves. The only thing that we can do is to just live our lives to the fullest and hope for the best to come out of it. Few things can be done to choose your path, one way is to avoid it completely. In An Episode of War, people can be drafted and picked to go to war but there are not ways to avoid going down that path. When these people get there they will not know exactly what is happening. When this happens there are many ways that you can look at it, one way is to freak out and stomp off another way is to just blow it off your shoulder and not worry about what happened. You can just think that it happened for a reason. In An Episode of War, Cane stated, “Oh well,” he said tanding shamefaced amid these tears”(page 513) The outlook that the lieutenant had on losing his arm was just to be okay with it, because there was no way to change that. We may not be able to choose our own destiny but we can choose what kind of attitude we will have on the circumstance. Choose to live a positive and you will have a happy
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