Epistemic Argument Against Physicalism Essay

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Phil307 Siyabonga Madlala 211523172 In the philosophy of mind, physicalism is offered as a view advocating for that everything is wholly physical. Like many other views physicalism has arguments against it. This essay seeks to explain the epistemic argument against physicalism, and using the knowledge argument to better support the epistemic argument against physicalism. It will also in light of the epistemic argument against physicalism give responses that support physicalism, in doing so the essay will be using the type B physicalism as the most correct view. Physicalism is the view that all things are wholly physical, as stated by physicalists who are the people or philosophers that support physicalism. The general notion is that the universe and every other thing in it complies with laws of the physical, it must said that the definition for…show more content…
In this instance I believe that type B physicalism is the best response to the objection to physicalism over the type A physicalism and substance or property dualism. This is because substance dualism, firstly, denies the link between the mental and physical states. Where the mental states are absent from the physical universe and the physical states have not capacity to think. So this view goes against physicalism it would seem, since physicalism advocates the mental supervenes on the physical states. Secondly property dualism states the same thing, and in my view both ideas are not the most correct defending physicalism against the epistemic…show more content…
Since physicalism is true and so it is true that everything is physical.

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