Epistemological Perspective

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Management research problems are selected based upon some assumptions and knowledge based facts. Epistemological, the word origin from greek. Epistemological perspective focused on the acceptable knowledge and it is helpful to the companies and researchers to understand the reliable facts and aspects. Epistemological perspective is helpful to integrate the theory and practice in an effective way. Every research problems have been influenced by the epistemological perspective, for instance researchers identified two suggestions for a particular management research problem but the best suggest is selected on the basis of scope and validity given recommendations (Jackson 2012, p.44). Epistemology can be called as logical way of
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Some researchers argue that judgment also plays an important role in the concept of subjectivism. It is helpful for getting the speedy solution for the problems. Compared with objectivism and constructivism, subjectivism more flexible and we can use in different situations. Most of managers are taking decisions by analyzing and experiencing the changes in the global market. (Bolker 2014, p.49). Most of the automobile companies due to some technical errors and production mistakes recalled their products from the market.(Toyota,Honda etc.) actually the operation manager experienced the difficulty by analyzing the customer…show more content…
According to the words of Yale (2010) the main objective of management research is identify a proper solution for the management issue. Epistemological perspective is highly useful for researchers and companies for managing the core business issues in an effective way. (Fundneider 2014, p.346). Researchers are trying find an solution for the problem, while analyzing the three perspective of epistemological in management research problems such as constructivism, objectivism and subjectivism we can able to understand that we can able to use these perspectives for managing the issues in an effective way (Cunliffe et al 2014,p.278). Actually epistemological perspective shows the connection with reality and research. In order for dealing with a management research problem may we have to generalize the issue or be specific to the issue, epistemological perspective take care both aspect for getting better knowledge about the particular
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