Empiricism According To Lawhead's Epistemological Theory

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Epistemological Theories Epistemology begin when philosophers shifted from asking what is reality to asking the question of how we can be sure of reality. According to Lawhead, each epistemological theory theories goal is to answer three questions: Is knowledge possible, does reason provide us with reason of the world independently of experience, and deos our knowledge represent reality as it really is? (pg 208). Empiricism is what made up many of the first epistemological arguments. Empiricism is the claim that sense experience is the sole source of our knowledge.(Lawhead, 173). AN empiricist believes that we are born as a blank slate. Through life experiences, our knowledge is painted on the slate. John…show more content…
Plato describes that knowledge is possible, but is instilled in our reason. He contradicts the view of epistemology and says that our senses and experiences do not provided enough reason to be considered knowledge. Lawhead deplics Plato as being, “a typical rationalist who thought that ultimate knowledge must be objective, unchanging and universal”.(194). When it comes to the second epistemological question, rationalist believe that reason alone is the only way to find true knowledge. Lawhead uses the example of mathematics and logic to describe that we come to conclusions by means of reason.(192). Rationalist answer the third question of epistemology by claiming that beliefs that are based on reason are inline with reality. While Plato set up many of the beginning ideas of rationalism, it was Renee Desecrettes who gave birth to modern philosophy in the 17th century. (Lawhead, 200). Desecrettes is important because he made a rationalist connection in how we have ideas of perfection. He realized that something could not be made from nothing. Desecrates explained the delima by stating, “ a stone that does not previously exist cannot exist without first being produced by everything that is found in the stone”.(201). Desecrate came to the conclusion that it was possible to form an ideas of physical things, animals, places, people by modifying ideas of our personal experiences. Desecrates…show more content…
Choosing rationalism was not a difficult task. The main reason for this is because it lines up with my current beliefs. Rationalist believe that our senses answer to our reasoning. This is why when we see or hear something that is dissociated from reality, it is difficult for us to comprehend. Rationalism goes beyond determining the tricks of a musician. Our thoughts and reasoning is not only superior to our senses, but also to our emotions. Sometimes in order to make the most ethical decisions, it is necessary to disassociate ourselves from our emotions. It is our civic duty to make decisions that benefit and progress our country. Many of times what we feel or want may be far from what is needed. It is necessary to approach political issues absence of bias opinions and form a decision based on facts and reason. Our role in the regional, national, and global community is to preserve our home and assist each other. Rationalism gives meaning to the term “don’t judging a book by its cover”. By not relying on our physical senses it allows us to see the true beauty in

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