Epistemology Of Ignorance

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Sex is rarely a topic that is allowed to encroach on ‘polite’ conversation, but it is an authentic part of the lives of most people. Even so, the female orgasm is often treated like dirty laundry that should stay hidden, rather than be aired out in public. In her article, “Coming to Understand: Orgasm and the Epistemology of Ignorance,” Nancy Tuana tackles the question of how our understanding of female orgasms has developed over time. It also discusses how ignorance has guided that transformation. It is the trail While ignorance is defined by a lack of information, it is not as simple as that. One of the most powerful ideas from the article is introduced quickly when Tuana writes that ignorance is not “a simple omission or gap but is, in many cases, an active production” (195). There is a refusal to ignore new or pertinent information in order to maintain the belief system that is already in place. Oppression often fuels this as the oppressors do not want to accept ideas that would disprove the ‘facts’ they are selling in the public sphere. While I know that I understood that this played a part in the way that our society views certain groups of people or beliefs, I have not seen it laid as bare as Tuana did in the first few pages of her article. Upon reading this line, it truly clicked into place that we often do not know certain things because the information is purposefully being withheld or because we do not want to know. The primary lesson that I learned from this
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