Epistemology: The Theory Of The Origin Of Knowledge

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Amidst the many issues that relate to knowledge, epistemology ask questions about how we acquire knowledge of the world, by analyzing the sources by which we acquire such knowledge . An ideal epistemology would be comprehensive and maximally explanatory of the concepts that are involved in the understanding of what knowledge is, how knowledge is acquired and how knowledge is justified. Epistemology, as the study of the theory of knowledge, asks three basic questions (i) what are the sources of knowledge? (ii) What is the nature of knowledge?(iii) Is our knowledge valid ?.
Right from ancient times, there have always been a tussle between two main schools of thought namely: rationalism
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J Locke, D Hume, G Berkeley, E Kant, R Descartes, A. J. Ayer, B Russell all wrote on the origin and status of ideas.
The problem is that of the origin of ideas, where comes our knowledge? Rosmini seeks to penetrate the very source of all thoughts and ideas and of every kind of knowledge in order to discover the true nature of human reason and where our knowledge comes from.
1.3 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Every activity in learning is to cover the frontiers of the body of knowledge. Our aim in this essay is to critically analyze Antonio Rosmini’s thought on the true source of knowledge. Antonio Rosmini criticized the rationalist and empiricist as regards the true source of knowledge and proposed that the “idea of being” is the true source of
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Inspired by this, the analytic method shall be used in this essay. Various forms like thematic and historical analysis shall be employed. With this, the first chapter shall focus on the general introduction; the second chapter shall deal with the general notion of knowledge and the different sources of knowledge proposed by philosophers in different epochs. The next chapter would be the presentation of Antonio Rosmini’s idea of being as a true source of knowledge. Finally, an evaluation of Antonio Rosmini’s idea of being as a true source of knowledge pointing out the weaknesses and strengths of his argument shall be made, and then a conclusion in the fourth
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