Epistle From Mrs. Yonge To Her Husband Analysis

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Women through history struggled to fit in a life were men have the most important roles and the whole world in their hands. The battle for a woman to be seen as a person in her own privilege, characterized her own terms, by her own judgment and achievements, wishing the same open doors as men have and practice. There is no role for women in the society back then even in marriage, she can’t choose whom to marry, and basically women role is forgotten in the society at the Restoration era. So in this research paper I will discuss one of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s poem Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband. In which a woman blamed for infidelity lashes out against her glaringly double-crossing spouse, against the patriarchal lawful framework that permits…show more content…
Yonge to Her Husband,” Mary Wortley Montagu discuses marriage and adultery. Montagu is facing major issues with her husband. She is married but she has an affair with someone else same as her husband they both cheating on each other, but she is the one who is facing the situation and got the punishment. She wrote this letter to show how unfair it is for her to be treated this way and she is saying one of the reasons when she wrote at the poem: “Think not this paper comes with vain pretense/To move your pity, or to mourn the ‘offense” (1-2). We understand her absence of choices: grieving, not able to discover any solution. Montagu’s poem argues about whether equality toward women exists in any place or way. “Just heaven! for sure in heaven does justice reign, Though tricks below that sacred name profane”. (15-16). She thinks that justice and equality may be in heaven. However, her thoughts are there as her own feelings too about the ever existences of justice for women as she is being found guilty in court for cheating on her husband. While he took divorce and money from her, when he was also in affair with another woman. The use of Just heaven! puts emphasis to the poem for the
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