Epizeuxis In The Great Gastby In The Great Gatsby

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Myrtle Wilson utilizes epizeuxis when she is told to not speak of her lover’s wife subsequent to receiving a gift of a puppy. Tom Buchanan believes his race and gender have superiortity and in this text, he believes a gift should silence Myrtle about Daisy. Myrtle believes she should have the right to talk about Tom’s wife as she repeats Daisy’s name for emphasis. Readers can interpret that Myrtle believes she has the right because she is concealing her affair from her husband while Tom is not hiding anything. Myrtle endures a more strenuous task and believes she deserves rights considering Tom does not grant her the right to speak. Consequentially, Tom wants to hush Myrtle immediately and breaks her nose as a result showing Tom is infuriated and will cause a scene at a party just from Myrtle’s brief actions.
Jay Gatsby expresses epizeuxis by repeating “of course” when asked if lemon cakes will satisfy him and Daisy’s first meeting in five years. As illustrated, Gatsby is extremely anxious; nervous people tend to repeat themselves quickly as Gatsby does “hollowly” in the text. Gatsby is trying to tell himself that the meeting will be fine but internally his heart is beating a mile a minute. Nick notes how when he asked Gastby if the grass was alright, Gatsby inquired blankly about which grass and then answered vaguely because he did not even look at the scenery. Gatsby’s gestures demonstrate he cannot stop thinking about the meeting as he is not giving deliberation to
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