Eponine Sacrifice In Les Miserables

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“You 're here. That 's all I need to know. And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close, and rain will make the flowers grow.” (Movie quote) In the book Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and the movie Les Miserables there is a lot of evidence showing that Eponine is the better choice for Marius. Eponine would have brought a better relationship to Marius’s life because they grew up together, she truly cared for him, and his love for Cosette was superficial. Eponine showed how she truly cared for Marius through her loyalty and sacrifices she made for him. The first way that Eponine shows she truly cares for Marius in the movie is when she goes to find Cosette for Marius even though it is not what she wants. When Eponine sacrifices…show more content…
Put yourself in Eponine shoes, it’s like you were getting ripped off because you invested so much time an energy for Marius to not even pay attention. “That day Cosette’s glance made Marius mad, Marius glance made Cosette tremble. Marius went away confident, and Cosette anxious. From that day onward, they adored each other.”(pg 254) This part shows how Marius and Cosette just looked at each other and decided to like each other with little to no thought about it. This was also apparent in the movie also because it played out almost the exact same way; they look at each other and instantly fell in love. According to Psychology Today, “The kind of qualities that are known to reflect love — intimacy, commitment, passion — are not particularly strong in those first moments when people say they 've fallen in love at first sight.”( DiDonato Ph.D., 2018)After reading through some of Psychology Today’s article ,Is Love at First Sight Real, I found that love at first sight occurs all the time when people think they have found their true love because of how they looked at each other. In Marius’s case he did find love at first sight, but how will their relationship be in the long run? When throughout the book Eponine showed Marius so much love and support. Eponine even helped Marius out with finding Cosette which had to be hard to do when she loves Marius. Another part of the book where Eponine was frustrated with Marius was at the barricade before she was going to die. “See, you are lost!”(pg 289) What we got from this part of the book was that Eponine wanted to live with Marius and die with him that she had no other choice then to go to the barricade and end it like this with Marius. So if Marius had just fallen in love with Eponine she would not have died this soon. If Marius opened his eyes to see what Eponine was doing for him and how much closer they actually where they would
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